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How to Register a Domain Name

Domain name gives your blog/website identity on the world wide web, if you own a blog or you are planing to create a new blog, you need to register your own domain name, every blog has a specific web address used to identify it on the world wild web, before you proceed to register your own domain name, you must consider what your blog/website is all about, avoid using your personal names to register your new domain, register your domain name with a name that is related to your business name or what your blog is all about. 

Example of a domain name is "", you don't need to own a company or organization before registering a domain name, individuals and companies can register a domain name for their blog/website. If you own a business, a domain name give you credibility, most people do business with individuals/companies that have a domain name. 

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is unique and it is use to identify a website/blog on the world wild web. Domain name consist of different parts, example the web address http// is made up of the following areas: 
  • http:// means this web server uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol, this is the most common protocol on the internet.
  • www means the site is on the world wide web
  • mereinfotech is the Third Level which is the recognition fact and it is unique.
  • com tells you that it is a commercial website.
The last part on the list item above is the Top Level Domain, it can be generic. 

Examples of Domain Name Endings are:
  • Edu (Educational Institution)
  • Com (Commercial)
  • Org (Organization)
  • Gov (Government)
  • Net (Network) 
Before you register a domain name with your domain name registrar, you need to check if the domain is available, domain names don't necessarily have to come with www in front of it, if the domain is meant for a website, www will be added automatically once loaded on the address bar, domain that is registered for a blog, you need to create a sub domain and redirect the naked domain to point to the full domain, example is: redirects to

Try to register a domain name that best reflects the subject and content of your blog or website.

Follow the steps below carefully to Register your own domain name. 

How to Register a Domain Name for free?

Step 1: Go to domain registrar 
Step 2: Enter your desired web address 
Step 3: Click on Check button
Step 4: If the domain is available you will get a message "Good news! your domain is available" 
Step 5: Click on Continue button just before your Cart
Step 6: Select Domain Name Only or All-In-One Package Only and click on the Continue button
Step 7: On the Cost Overview page, Select 1year from the Contract Duration DropDownList
Step 8: Scroll down the page and click on Continue button
Step 9: Click on Create New Account for new users or login for existing users
Step 10: Fill the form carefully
Step 11: Finally, Click on Order Domain Button
Step 12: Your new domain name will be ready in few minutes 
Step 13: Your Domain Registrar will send you an email with necessary information regarding your new domain

Congratulations! you have successfully purchase your domain name.
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