Friday, 11 August 2017

How to Redirect non-www to www domain in Blogger, 1and1 and Godaddy

Redirecting non-www to www domain in Blogger, 1and1 and Godaddy. This tutorial will help you fix unable to redirect your blogger custom domain from non-www to www. When you register a domain with your registrar for your blog, the domain status is set to "Domain not in use" when you see this message, it means you have no hosting package and you haven't redirected your domain to an existing website.

A typical example is when you try to access your blog with non-www which is naked domain e.g. (Naked Domain), It will pulled up the default landing page of your registrar, instead of showing 404 error page. Blogger has the option for redirecting non-www to www domain, this method works with selected web browsers, sometimes it doesn't due to incomplete DNS setting. For the purpose of this tutorial, you need to create a blog first, that's if you don't have one already.

Unable to Redirect my Blogger Custom Domain from non-www to www in 1and1
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter your Customer I'd and Password
Step 3: Click on Login
Step 4: On your dashboard, Click on Domains
Step 5: Point your mouse on the domain and Click on Use your Domain
Step 6: Click on Forward Domain
Step 7: Enter destination address e.g.
Step 8: Click on the Save button below the page
Refer to the image above

If you followed the steps above correctly, you will get this message "Domain forwarding has been set up. Please note that this can take a moment, don't worry it won't take forever, try to access the non-www (naked domain) once again e.g., it will be redirected automatically to You might also like how to get domain name

How to Redirect non-www to www domain in Godaddy

  • Go to Godaddy website login
  • Login to your domain registrar control panel
  • Go to Domain Name Servers(DNS Zone)
  • Look for the A records section 
  • Go to Edit and Click
  • Add the four A records with the host name = @
  • Points to the following address below

Finally, Click on the Save Settings Button, NOTE: It will take a few minutes before the domain will be redirected  from non-www (naked domain) to www.

Custom Domain Redirect from non-www to www in Blogger
Go to Blogger
Click on Settings 
Click on Basic
Checked the Redirect Button

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