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How to Create a Blog using Blogger

To Create a blog using blogger is very simple, for newbies who doesn't know how to create a blog but want to learn then you are on the right place, today I will teach you how to create a blog for free. The most popular blogging platform used to create blogs are Blogger and WordPress, both Blogger and WordPress has free templates you can choose from when creating a blog for the first time, you don't need to know any programming language like HTML, JavaScript, CSS or AJAX before creating a blog or owning one, for the purpose of this tutorial we are going to focus on how to start a blog on blogger. Before you create your new blog you need to register a new domain name for the blog, once you have registered your new domain with your registrar, you need to redirect it from non-www to www.

Follow the steps below to create a blog

Step 1: Go to 
Step 2: Click on Create your Blog
Step 3: Sign in with your gmail account
Step 4: Enter the Title of your blog
Step 5: Enter the Address of your new blog
Step 6: Select any free blog template e.g. Awesome Inc. template, click on it
Step 7: Click on Create Blog button
Step 8: Your blog will be created and automatically redirects you to your dashboard
Step 9: Click on View Blog on your dashboard to see how your blog looks like

Is Blogspot  Free?

Yes it is free, if you followed steps 5 above you will noticed that we entered a web address and it attached .blogspot to it automatically, so with  Blogspot you can create up to 100 free blogs with a single blog account, Blogspot is powered by Google.  

Make money blogging is one of the legitimate way of making money online, before you start earning from your hard work and effort you put on your blog, you need to follow this tutorial carefully and get yourself equipped to avoid some of the issues some bloggers faced when it comes to how to make money blogging. 

How do you get a blog started?

Starting a Blog in Nine Simple Steps:

Step 1: Choose a Blogging Platform e.g. Blogger or WordPress
Step 2: Choose a web address that is free and unique 
Step 3: Register your Domain, .com preferable 
Step 4: Create a Blog, follow the steps above
Step 5: Get a premium blog template that looks simple. 
Step 6: Write unique content that will make your readers keep coming back to you blog
Step 7: Make your contents SEO friendly 
Step 8: Use Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze the speed of your blog.
Step 9: Submit your Blog URL to Google

When you want to register a web address for your blog, you must do that carefully, try and choose a web address that has a keyword that is related to the area you are focusing on your blog, don't use abstract words, using a keyword on your web address will help Googlebot understand what your blog is all about and also for better search engine optimization.

Choosing a web address for your blog sometimes looks really hard, the web address you think is free might be used by another blogger, the easiest way to choose a web address for your blog is to do a search.
How do I know if a web address is free to use?

Step 1: Go to 
Step 2: Enter your desired web address
Step 3: Click on Check Button 
Step 4: Check if the web address is available 
Step 5: If the web address is not available, repeat STEP 2 - 3

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