Saturday, 19 August 2017

How to Convert a Word File to PDF

Word to PDF converter, no limit to file size, no watermarks added, it's a free and very simple online word to PDF converter. Today, I will teach you how to convert word document files to PDF for free without paying any penny, word to pdf converter offline is another amazing tool you can use to convert word to PDF.

Word to PDF high quality converter, this tool converts unlimited numbers of files, it's very fast no delay, no queue, convert all word to PDF without adding any watermarks and best free word to pdf converter.

How do you convert Word to PDF Offline?

Goto Microsoft Office
Click Microsoft word
Open the word document you want to convert
Click on File on the menu bar
Click on Save As
Enter the File name
In the Save as type DropDownList, Click on PDF
Click on the checkbox that says Open File after Publishing
The word document will be converted and open in PDF automatically
This checkbox will be visible if you install PDF reader on your computer system

How can I convert my word document to a PDF?

Goto smalldpf
Click on Choose file or Drag and drop your file
Locate the word document you want to convert to PDF from your computer system
Your word file has now successfully been converted into an awesome PDF
Click on Download file to download the converted PDF file
If you want to convert another file, click on Start Over Button

Remember, no watermarks will be added, it is just a perfect word to PDF conversion tool, the converted word file will look the same as the one converted with your office software.

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